Glühwein (Glow wine in German) is a hot, spiced wine also known as mulled
wine. Other Languages refer to it as Glög. Glintvein, Vin Chaud/Bru.Ibt or
Spiced Wine. In essence, the drink consists of wine and spices heated to just
below boiling point before drinking.
Mulled wines have a long history dating back to as far as 500B.C. where spices
and herbs were added to wine for health reasons as well as probably for an
improvement of taste. The recipes varied depending on family and country
Glühwein is reminiscent of the European Christmas and Austrian ski holidays.
It is a tasty drink that warms up the body in cold weather and is a popular
treat at parties.
Even though it is a warm drink, it can also be enjoyed cold.

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