The development of the unique idea of Glühwein concentrate (Glühwein Mix) originated in 1998 by two German families Weygand and Knoll in Pretoria.
The first sales were done at Deli markets and a few restaurants but the demand
for the mix grew fast. The company Knoll Solutions cc was founded early in
2003 and since then the production facility has improved continuously to allow
for greater volumes and higher quality standards. The huge growth in demand
for the Jodlers Glühwein Mix has proven the quality and the need for this
unique product.
The managing members are committed to ensure that strict hygiene standards
are maintained. We also live by a Code of Business Conduct that is driven by a 
value system which promotes honesty, integrity, and personal growth in all our
dealings with stakeholders.
Who do we supply?
The product is been distributed to restaurants, hotels, liquor stores, 
supermarkets and bigger trade warehouses right through South Africa.
Wherever you are, if you want to know were to get supply, please contact us
and we will send you an email on possible outlets close to you or we will make
the relevant arrangements to get the product to you. 
The future plans are to export the product to Canada, Australia and Europe.

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